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Nepal is one of the best country for sightseeing, with its long history, fascinating art and distinctive and varied architecture. The vast diversity of people, their culture, language and traditions will intrigue anyone. Two predominant religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, are ever present with the variety of gods and goddess, numerous temples, stupas and monasteries, and depict the deep faith of the people.The panoramic mountain scenery and a diversity of beautiful landscape will enchant you and make your visit one of the most romantic and memorable ones you have ever experienced Nepal is the land where Buddha was born – Buddha, the symbol of peace. Guided sightseeing tour of Kathmandu valley and its surrounding areas will give you an enchanting glimpse of Nepal – its people, culture, traditions and mountains – that will surely make you want to come for a longer visit.We offer specific tours in Nepal, which will give you great experience and the journey, will be highlight in your lifetime. The specific programs give visitors an opportunity to observe the rich Nepalese culture tradition, a unique culture heritage, glorious history, jungle safari and day hiking as well.

6 Day Kathmandy Valley Combine Chitwan Tour

In Kathmandu valley Kathmandu, the only metropolitan city of Nepal, is also the capital city. Kathmandu is a setting of…
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6 daysEasy hiking

4 Days Cultural Tour

This is a short trip that lets you explore ancient temples and religious shrines of the three medieval kingdoms, namely…
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4 daysEasy hiking

23 Days Full Nepal Historical Tour

Nepal is a rich nation in terms of ethnicity and language. People from about 101 ethnic communities call Nepal their…
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23 daysEasy hiking